jokes about animals

My emotion support dog after one day with me
Cats will try to fit in the smallest boxes
the cat has more room on the bed than I do
This cat is enforcing the no-dogs rule
Cake up here so fluffy the cat does not site on it
these dogs dont want to swim
If she doesnt pull through, I have dibs on the porterhouse #cow
Julia has two passions in life: cannabis and horses #cow
Alligator doesnt want to hear the obvious
Our cats understand us, but they dont really care
When youre painting is not very good you have to change your ways #cow
Another weird angle dog
weird angle pic of a dog
Monty Python Horse Shoes
Cat saving up to get his other sleeve done
No seagulls can drink this water, dogs only
An owl pulling a joke
This guitar is out of tune #tuna #cat
This bird was creative with a keyboard
A bird messed up new paintjob
this cat is a real artist
Maybe Ill bite, maybe I wont Suspicious looking dog
Cat milk doesn’t come from cats
You are a dog leash
Caution, low flying airplanes
Cat getting his own image for dinner
Not what I thought of when someone sent me a picture of a horse shoe
My cat ready to hear about my day
Sign dogs must clean up after dogs
I wonder what my dog named me
A butcher at work
Cat feels like a Lion
A duck standing on a duck
Looks like this dog is following his own tail
Who let this dog out
Two dogs playing with a log
Cat noped out pretty quickly
Yawning animal looks like a new species
The crazy cat lady action figure
Someone saw batman, but it turned out to be a horse with a blanket
No dogs allowed on dog agility training
My cat didn’t like the new bed
I made this puzzle of a horse
Took me a while before I knew what was going on with this dog
this is not a hot dog
This farmer turns milking the cow into barista art
Duck or Goose
these cats are working out
Dog looks like a hairy arm
Most aggressive dog breeds #chihuahuas
This dog is disobedient
This dog does not like the rules
They are not what it seems
Is this a cat or an octopus
just a horse blowing some wind
this dog has no shame, junoed out of the car window and got into the next car because the person was eating KFC
Sometimes I wonder why I buy an expensive chair #cat
Why does this dog keep looking at my plate
Dog is kung fu fighting
these dogs would like people to stop using doorbells in commercials
the cat lost its head
A dog with a pinecone is scary
a cat made from cat
This bird knows no rules
the dog seems to be on the couch
a dog has a letter for you
A perfectly timed picture of a dog with bubble eyes
theres always one #dog
These are some weird looking cats
stop putting doorbells in commercials #dog
Is this a copycat or a cat scan
This picture is taking at a weird angle #dog
this dogs tag is the truth
This dog appears to be broken
Dogs are not supposed to be photographed in panoramic mode
I thought that was a bear on my bed #dog
Stop fake throwing the ball #dog
For a second I thought someone cut my dog in half
The timing of the picture makes a weird cat chicken hybrid
Perfect angle for a cat picture
Just a doggo on a setting #dog
Why cat racing never took off
My grandfather was a knight #cow
Perfect angle for this bird picture
A doggo hiding under a car
This looks beard Weird #cat
Its this the Dodge Viper logo or daffy duck
That dog run is rather short
This dogs thinks hes a lot bigger than he actually is
These dogs old habits die hard
Two dogs discussing switching to kilo
A cat with hands
Two dogs in a knock knock joke
A dog’s face in a plank
Dog rounded up the sheep
A pun on a missing dog
Perfect angle picture #horse
This is one smart dog
A Peppa pig jigsaw puzzle
If your dog poops, pick it up
Heres how to distinguish an alligator from a crocodile
The most curious past of this Raven picture is that its not a Raven #cat
This animal is very dangerous! #bear #woman
This is done long cow
This ends the debate wether cats are liquids or not
the first cat-proof Christmas tree
My kids wanted a cat for Christmas
A dog giving his master a hug
Always warm your hands before milking a cow
We gave this cat a replacement eye
When your dog eats your philosophy homework
Don’t ask Sean Connery to teach your dog
The most dangerous position for a cat to be in #stairs
Your guitar is out of tune #cat
Foxes are cat software running in dog hardware
This is not how you ride a horse
a pure bred dog #bread
This is still no attractive cat
How to scare the neighborhood kids with your dog and a shoe
The dog wants to go out
This is a weird picture of a dog with a long neck
I buy fresh vegetables every day #pig #bacon
My cat parties harder than I do!
When your cat watches too much Master Chef
Happy birthday Kelly from the dog
This cat has a side quest waiting
when youre the last cat built for the day #parts
dont be silly #cat
A cat checking in the cat hotel
Cooking with your dog
I killed this cow because it was eating your food
A dog goes incognito
Taking the horse out to ride
Dog pigs up drugs at a pharmacy
these dogs are from tech support
what happened #wolf #dog
this is probably cat logic
Cats in a fight
cat has never been fed in entire life
Picture of a girl and her dog taken from the perfect angle #centaur
Cow turns grass into steak Whats your superpower
Dogs in bread
This cat sleeps with one eye open gripping its pillow tight
If your dog poops pick it up please
We asked a cat what it would do if it where the Brits
They’re not dangerous if you raise them right #dogs #kids
No, I’m not coming to your dog’s birthday party #cat
Now thats a good fortune cookie #duck
A cats perspective
This is a great way to make your dog look dangerous! #turkeyleg
This guy is pranking his dad
A closeup of a coat looks like an animal
At least the dog seems to enjoy himself
This cat is in trouble
Cops horsing around #horse
Yoga is not for cats
How a dogs mind works
Reflection is a funny thing sometimes #bird #eagle
It killed the cat and mildly inconvenienced the horse
Go to the beach they said, itll be fun they said #dog
dancing dog on the beach
Spotted a mamma cat gently carrying her child today
This dog must be real happy!
Shaved my bird #beard
is it a bird is it a dog
A perfectly timed shot of a cow
This cat doesnt know how to drink aqwardly
this cat is doing it wrong
97% cant guess this animal!
cats will be cats even when theyre a statue
Walking two dogs can be very challenging
a dog that ran too fast
Steve Buscemis cat
A dog and his smaller buddy
The lazy fox jumped over the sheep
A girl/dog hybrid
this dog has a speciality #roofing
A hungry cat with good timing
What happens when a cat swallows a melon
Two dogs singing together
Every year 10 million dogs are killed
Back in the 90s all the dogs were let out and nobody knows who did it
the headless cat
What is in this picture #dog
If youre cold, theyre cold too
A dog jumping
Happy International Cat Day!
A crazy idea for people that want to look like theyre about to shoot their dog
This must be a very obese cat!
A cat should not lie down on a toy doll
If the earth was flat #cats
A flat tire in Alaska #dog
a precision weapon to fight the cat
a horse that spells horse
when you have to slay the ring bearer but also have to walk the dog
this cat knows how to relax #tequila
Does anybody know what kind of dog this is #moose
A dog kissing Miley Cyrus
I have to admin, Catwoman, you are not as I expected
This cat is using a scratching pole
Evolution vs Intelligent Design #wolf #dog #pug
Its going to be cold tonight #dog
this is how my dog reacts to
your silly furniture blockade cant stop me #dog
I bought a dog once and named him Stay
Australia is about cats and dogs
And I though getting you tongue stuck was bad #dog
theres a generation gap with cats
My wife says I cant have another dog
Hi, we understand you are 40 and still single #cats
its better to have eaten something #dog
Has anybody seen my dog Lucky!
this dog must be blind
My coworkers didnt appreciate this joke #fridge #cat
water for your dog
as I watched the dog chase his tail
here are some dog rules to live by!
Dogs look like kiss
Compare cats to dogs
A cat that changed his mind
A static cat
The strong independent women aisle #wine #cat #food
If you can see my wiener youre too close #dog
Pretty special when your dog leaves you a special present
Lays Couch taste, Your dog will love it
I dont think you should kiss your dog like that
Do you know why your dog is happier than you
If your dog does a poo
Stop, I cant bear these animal jokes
This dog is too lazy to care
Why is it called a vet #doctor #dog
This is how dogs prefer Easter #rabbit
The origin of the platypus explained #duck #beaver
Pig Jigsaw for sale
Im no bird expert, but #male #female
Only one animal in the zoo #shitzu #dog
A picture for those who like pics of cats
Dog eats certificate of obedience training
This cat does not want to take a bath
this dog got caught in a booby trap
The left wing and right wing belong to the same bird
No time to explain #cat #toilet
Stop asking about your cat, try the chicken #chinese #restaurant
cat teases dog with mistletoe for Christmas
horse should have told her he was stopping
 how I feel after thanksgiving fat cat
Set them free #dog
Pizza with extra sausage #dog
a perfectly timed picture of a fishing dog
that dog must yawn a lot!
a dog totally convinced about a drawing
cat poses for a perfectly timed picture
Whats wrong with this mans face #dog
cat caught in folk music environment
Have you ever seen a see through cat
cat wants to be let in the house
Pretty ironic what this dog just ate
these dogs dont like water!
this weird dog is banned from the park
this is how the ideal hotdog sandwich should look #dog
how to tell if your cat #plot #kill
when a small dogs takes the large spot
Justin Bieber visits animal shelter
 youre doing it wrong #dog #tree #fail
Perfect timed pic of a dog eating a cookie #timing
a cat trying salad #fat
Find out who loves you more, your woman or your dog
this stuff doesnt work #dog
Tastes like #ass #donkey #dog
a floor covered in political promises #cattle #horse
How to catch a cat with an emty box
Dog failing like a boss jumping a fence
Gang signs turned into cats cradle
Even grumpier cat found
a dog wondering whos a good boy
cat watches outside
Cat hiding behind a bag of catfood
dog and a baby discussing being gay
dog is glad youre home The Christmas tree fainted
two hooters in the snow, owl
dog loves grass that tickles his nipples
Batman costume made with a cat
why it takes so long to shoe a mare
holy cow in the barn, holy mackerel in the lake/sea
horse looks like john Bon jovi
framed picture of a cat says my dog
a handy device to carry your cat
telling a women to calm down works as well as trying to baptize a cat
heating up liitle pig bacon
Water for your dog
the moment my dog realizes
So you dog fetches balls
missing cat in the window
Guy walking his dog
sign for a lost dog
snoop dog posing
not sure if duck face girls are posing for a picture or
America sideways looks like a duck
cat and 3 meerk
Dog lost the ball
cats version of a super bowl
A cat that can be switched on
internet is full of cat people
guy riding a cat
dogs with their heads out the car window
Dog going down a slide
horse loves this post
cat found but its not a cat opposum
dog scared for seeing spider
dog peeing in mouth of guy in picture
I have made a huge mistake guy in horse suit attacked by lions
cat seems humans as slaves
guy taking a cow on his bike
dog caught fly but killed interior
dog mating with a pussy
cat stole kids popsicle on his fur
someone posting her cat is sick getting advice from others
cats laying in the sun with bikini
photobomb level dog
mutual pillow dog sleeping on girl sleeping on dog
dog wants to be let in so he can beg to go out
horse jumping in water
cat behind window with lost sign on it
man walking an awful lot of dogs
dog left dry spot on the patio after sleeping in the rain
dog laughing at cat
girl with cat looking like beard
dog caught his tail
bed and breakfast dog in food bowl
duck face Elmer shooting girl
creepy picture of running cat
dog pig bacon
dogs party
chicken hatching dog
duck stealing money
dog looking surprised
dog in car shotgun passenger seat
dog in car wind
cat on fan
cat and dog floating in air
dog looks like its melting
a cat smiling at a camera
cat wanting to jump has 9 lives
kid drawing on dog
why cats hate kids
two cats eating the hard way
cow with head stuck under fence gets taken by a bull
dog with cat on his head
the moment my dog decided he was done catching frisbee
snoop dog umbrella is for
girl playing tennis cat shadow
bird of pray caught goldfish
dont remember that part prince horse
cat tied up by his own leash
new facial scar in cat guy with ball in mouth
boxer dog wearing gloves
anal kingdom family fail posing at animal kingdom
dog looking weird because there is no coffee
never give up frog fighting bird
dog with cookies on his head not eating self control
thermometer cat
short run for dogs
comes with two subwoofters dog with two puppies
deep shit shut up fox between hunting dogs
Lazy dog
guy holding dog with his teeth
blue cat coughing up blue hairball
cat did not attack mouse
duck ducklings down drain
lost dog have you seen this
Parrot riding bike hungry cat looking
morning grumpy cat
dog peeing on girl sunbathing
cat jumping in air
dog misses ball fail
dog fail food poster
found brownies smiling dog
yellow black chocolate meth lab funny looking dog
laughing horse
horse stuck cow laughing smiling
biting sheep
cow fail toy car
tiger stripes cat shadow
dog shitting crap posing blonde lady
dog ball car keeping
dog grill sausage licked
adult dog store inflatable leg
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Joe was a steward for Fly High airlines. He watched as an older lady boarded the plane holding a ...
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First Price
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An Englishman and an Irishman
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Women and Cats
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Dog's and Cat's Diary
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Dog and wagon
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Every time my doorbell rings, my dog ...
Magic Dog
What do you call a dog who does ...
Dog Tricks
What do you call a dog that does ...
Leaving the House
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I asked my dog what's two ...
Dog IQ
A Canadian psychologist is selling a video that teaches you how to test your dog’s IQ. Here’s ...
Dead Cat
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Talking Dog
What’s more amazing than a ...
My coughing is much better now. I only set ...
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I know someone who talks ...
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Blind men
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What do you call an ...
Motionless Dog
At first, I couldn’t understand why my dog was ...
A german tourist jumped in de freezing water to save my precious little dog, after he climbed out ...
My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. ...
My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. ...
Talking Dog
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Dead Dog
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Q: What happens when you cross a dog and a cheetah? A: You get a dog who chases after cars a lot ...
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What dog can jump higher than a ...
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Baskin Robbins
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Hot Dog
Customer: Give me a hot dog. Waiter: ...
Cats vs Teenagers
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Doctor, Doctor I keep thinking I'm a dog. Sit on the couch and we will talk about it. But I'm ...
"Some plants," said the teacher, "have the prefix 'dog'. For instance, there is the dogrose, the ...
Pet Rules
PET RULES To be posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door - nose height. Dear Dogs and Cats, ...
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