Oh deer


Three men are sitting on a bench in their fancy retirement community in Florida Steve says: "I started with a men's clothing shop and built the business into the finest department store in town. One day there was a fire and it destroyed everything. Since I was too old to begin again, I took the insurance money and retired - and here I am." Ben says: "I had a hardware store downtown. It was the finest hardware store in the city. One Friday evening after closing time a pipe burst and flooded the store. On Monday morning I came in to discover that my entire inventory had been ruined. Like you, I was too old to start again, so I took the insurance money and retired down here to Florida." Billy says: "I had a pharmacy in the Midwest. I was very successful, and had seven pharmacists working for me. However, one night a tornado came and picked up my entire store, utterly destroying it. I came the next morning and there was no pharmacy there! I was already a senior citizen so I took the insurance money and moved to Florida." Steve and Ben look utterly confused. After a few moments, Ben asks Billy "Uh...how exactly do you make a tornado?!"
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