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A young father proudly brings his portioned and prepared deer home from the butcher shop. He announces that he is making supper, and grilles up a platter of venison burgers. His son, daughter and wife sit down and take a few bites. The daughter says, "these burgers taste weird." The son wrinkles his nose and says, "yeah, what is it?" The dad leans back in his chair and says, " remember a few weeks back when I spent the weekend hunting? This is what I killed." The son says, " yeah, but what is it?" The father says, with cryptic obscurity, "well, it's something your mother sometimes calls me." The kids look at each other and shrug, and the boy digs back in. But the girl just nibbles at it with a somewhat confused look on her face. "What's the matter honey, don't you like it?" "Oh, it's OK, I guess. It's just not what I thought a big ol' turkey would taste like."
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